Episode 31

December 18, 2010


We present the second part of our discussion on the 2010 holiday season. Including what should a secular community consist of, and what parts of religious communities should carry over. Plus, A NEWS QUIZ!
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Keith, Buggs, Rob, & Chris


Episode 30

November 28, 2010


We cover whether the United States is really a Christian country, mostly from the position of where the 10 Commandments factor into our law. We also discuss the "War on Christmas" and the Pope's somewhat-new stance on condoms.
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Buggs, Rob, & Chris


Episode 29

November 7, 2010


What's next for the secular movement? hat kind of policies should we enact? Do we need a leader, or someone worth emulating to help us live good lives, and attract others to the cause?
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Buggs, Rob, Keith, & Chris


Episode 28

September 5, 2010


We present a special episode this week devoted to discussing the "Restoring Honor" event organized by Glenn Beck, and the religiosity of the Tea Party.
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Jeff, Rob, & Chris


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